Intellegre LLC is a small business engaged in the development and manufacture of isolated USB hubs & products including single channel isolators.  Our Industrial Grade USB Hubs and USB isolators are designed for the harshest environments. They are EMC tested to meet heavy industrial standards. They offer 4 kV Isolation between the upstream and downstream USB ports to protect expensive equipment from dangerous ground loops and to help ensure data integrity.

In addition to the above, the principal strengths are the design of micro-controller based custom electronic systems that are immune to EMC, ESD and harsh environmental conditions.Our design expertise spans analog, mixed signal, power supplies and communication systems.

We also provide robust embedded firmware solutions for PIC12, PIC18, PIC24, dsPIC33, PIC32, Cortex M-0, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4 & Cortex A-5 products. All firmware is compliant to MISRA C 2012 Standard and is Unit tested before release.