PC Board Layout

We perform layout in the latest PADS VX Suite. The new PADS integrated PCB design flow focuses on removing disconnects and error-prone file and data transfers that occur with disjointed or traditional linear PCB design flows. This database-aware flow ensures that coherency of the design’s logical, physical and constraint data is synchronized.

Key features and advantages that the new PADS integrated project provides are:
•Direct access to component databases with parametric search engine capabilities enabling users to locate parts and manage both logic and physical symbols.
•Direct link from your project to one central library that ensures library data consistency is maintained.
•Integrated analysis and verification tools for circuit design, simulation and signal integrity planning.
•Direct, synchronized connection between Schematic and Layout, including automated back-annotation of connectivity changes made in Layout.
•Integrated constraint management and verification throughout Schematic Capture, Layout and Routing.
•Real-time bi-directional ECAD/MCAD collaboration through the industry standard ProSTEP iVIP IDX file exchange.
•Integrated DFM fabrication and assembly analyses identify production issues prior to fabrication.
•Archive management system that enables users to store and restore the complete design project.

Using market leading technology helps us shorten the time to market for new products.