Our firmware standard is based on the one developed by Jack Ganssle “A Firmware Development Standard”. We work in all the prevailing languages including assembly, C, C++, MATLAB® & LabView™.

We have developed code for the following operating systems: MiCos ( available from ), μC/OS-II™ RTOS & Keil RTX CMSIS compliant RTOS.

keil-logo-smallWe use class leading development tools including Keil uVision IDE 5, MPLAB X, Lab View and MATLAB. All firmware is documented with Flow Diagrams and State Diagrams to describe how it will work. We use SVN repositories for source code control and requirements management.

All firmware complies with MISRA C 2012 and CERT C standards. In addition to this all firmware is Unit tested before release.

We have experience developing firmware for the following processor families:

arm_logo technology-  Cortex M0 – M4®

Microchip Technology Inc. –  PIC®12 PIC®16 PIC®18 PIC®24 DSPIC®30 DSPIC®33 PIC®32