Project Definition and Management

An important part of engineering embedded systems is the task of project management. Intellegre engineering project management process helps ensure that customers get the design they require, in a cost effective and timely manner.

Business Models

Intellegre LLC takes ownership and pride in providing real value to customers. We use the best tools and proven techniques to create truly effective solutions. Our billing rates are comparable with the hourly cost of our customers’ own professional staff.

Time and Material Projects: Our engineering projects are normally done on a time and material basis. Long experience has shown this to be the most cost-effective way to successfully manage and complete custom engineering projects. We email customers project status reports as often as they are needed, and our monthly invoices provide detailed and reliable feedback on project status and cost.

Fixed-Price Projects: We can provide a fixed-price quote for the production phase of projects, based on approved specifications and a tested design. Intellegre LLC employs outside production companies for high-quantity production runs.